Residents throughout Elmhurst depend on Performance Carpet Cleaners for their professional carpet cleaning.  We are also called on quite frequently for our other services, including upholstery cleaning, tile & grout cleaning and water damage clean-up.

We have customers in just about every neighborhood in Elmhurst, including the subdivisions of:
     - Astoria Place
     - Butterfield Highlands
     - Crescent Court        
     - College View
     - South Elmhurst        
     - Westdale Gardens

It is quite common for us to clean dual surfaces, such as tile & grout and carpeting that are adjacent to each other.  Tile and Grout flooring presents different challenges in cleaning than a carpeted area. Typically the carpeted  area adjacent to the tile and grout shows heavier soil, as dirt and grease is tracked more easily from the harder surface into the carpet fibers.

The grout lines in a tile floor are very porous and trap dirt and grime.  Debris often gets more deeply embedded in the grout, as does odor-producing bacteria. Because the grout line is lower than the tile, the dirt is not removed as completely during ordinary household mopping.  Therefore, over  time, the grout not only looks dirty, but can cause odors in the home.  

We use professional tile and grout cleaners, equipment and techniques to revive dingy grout lines and completely clean tile surfaces.  We then treat the tile surface with products to give it as much slip resistance as possible.
In the traffic areas where carpet is adjacent to a tile floor, we pre-spray the heavy traffic areas with special cleaners to assure complete carpet soil extraction