Oak Brook

Homeowners in OakBrook and OakBrook Terrace have relied on Performance Carpet Cleaners for carpet cleaning services in their homes and offices.

A few of the neighborhoods in Oakbrook where we have loyal customers include:

     -  Briarwood Lakes

     -  Chambord

     -  Fullersburg Woods

     -  Midwest Club

     -  Oak Brook Club                     

     -  Saddle Brook             

     -  Steeple Chase             

     -  Timber Trails

     -  Yorkshire Woods

Our services in OakBrook Terrance include home in the neighborhoods of Spring Club and Oakbrook Terrace Estates.

We have many customers in Oak Brook with treasured oriental rugs in all sizes and types. It is important to have a professional clean your oriental rug as they can differ in composition and manufacturing.

Some oriental rugs are made with vegetable dyed hand spun wool. This unique foundation ensures extraordinary quality and beauty of each rug, as well as special considerations for cleaning. Vegetable dyes are typically used in more traditional, rural rug weaving.


Other oriental rugs are made with synthetic dyes, which is indicative of a more commercial production process.


Experts suggest cleaning your oriental rug only when it needs it. For most rugs, this is probably once a year for heavier traffic areas. For rugs that are not exposed to a lot of foot traffic, it could be once every couple years.


To determine if your oriental rug needs cleaning, kneel down on the rub and rub it for about 5 to 10 seconds. Look at your fingers and palm. If your hand is dirty, it’s time to call Performance Carpet Cleaners!