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FAQ Carpet Cleaning Questions

Q: How should we prepare to have our carpets cleaned?

The best way to prepare for professional carpet cleaning is clear the surface as much as possible.  It is particularly advantageous to have as much furniture removed from the area as possible. Vacuuming your carpet beforehand is also helpful.

As an additional service and convenience to you, we will move your furniture. Just let us know when you call to schedule the appointment and we'll take care of it!


Q: Why should I use a professional?

Our professional equipment, high-performing chemicals, and years of experience combine to deliver exceptional cleaning performance. Let's look at a few factors that make a difference in the cleaning of your carpets.

What is the Extraction Power?

Performance Carpet Cleaners use professional carpet cleaning equipment that is effective in extracting 90% of the dirt and water during the cleaning process.  Portable machines extract about 55%.  That's a big difference, and if using a rental or consumer carpet cleaner, it means your carpet fibers stay wetter, longer.  Additionally, you are not removing as much dirt and soil. 

What Residue is Left Behind?

There is less detergent residue left on the carpet fibers with professional equipment.  The more the residue, the faster your carpet will re-soil and look dirty again. 

When we have cleaned the carpet in homes that the homeowner has done their own carpet cleaning, we typically need to use a defoamer first to rinse out all the residual soap that was left behind.

High Temperature

The hotter the water, the better the cleaning. Popular rental machines use tap water that heats up to about 125 to 130 degrees.  However, once you start cleaning, it drops to about 90 degrees.

Our truck-mounted equipment heats up to 240 degrees, which will drop to 200 degrees when cleaning.  At 200 degrees, we kill dust mites and break down soil for greater cleaning efficiency.

Q: What carpet cleaning process do you use?

We use a Truck Mounted Steam Cleaning process which allows us to clean your carpets with extremely high heat and steam that effectively breaks down oils, grease and dirt that makes its way into your carpet fibers. This process also extracts as we go, so that there is not a lot of moisture left in your flooring to allow for a faster dry.


Q: Can all stains be removed?

That is the million dollar question and the difference between a happy customer and a dissatisfied one. Of course there are permanent stains that can never be removed and should be addressed by your carpet cleaning professional once he looks at it. Pet urine stains, any type of artificially colored stains and many others are nearly impossible to remove but can be lightened. Stain kits are available to remove these stains but once again there are factors involved as far as longevity of the stain, volume and carpet color as well.


Q: Are carpet cleaning chemicals harmful to my children or pets?

All of the products we use are non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and are safe for children and pets.   Our highly trained professionals can answer all your questions with regards to chemicals and tough stain removal.


Q: Can we walk on the carpet right after it’s been cleaned?

Yes, but we recommend that after your carpet is cleaned you do allow for some dry time. If you choose to walk on your freshly cleaned carpet, make sure you wear footwear (slippers, socks, shoe covers, shoes are O.K. if bottoms are clean) when walking on it so that you do not transfer oils from feet to clean carpets. It is also very important that you are careful not to slip when walking from damp carpet to hard surfaces. Please be careful with slippery surfaces.


Q: How long does it take the carpet to dry after cleaning?

It should take 4 to 8 hours to dry your freshly cleaned carpet, but can dry faster with ample air circulation and moisture ventilation. Carpet dries on the same principle as your clothing, the more air the faster. So if weather permitting open windows, turn on vents to air, ceiling fans and portable fans are a great idea also.